Start the year off right! Clean eating.

New year; new me? Maybe. 

Okay, YES and NO. Let me explain. The new year is always seen a a fresh start, a new beginning but I like to think that any day can be a fresh start. December was an insane month for me. I had a full week of Christmas parties and then events all through out the month so my diet wasn’t exactly the best. I had been eating really well before that and I did eat healthy when not at events so I didn’t do to bad!

The new year is hear and I have exactly 1 year till my wedding (!!!!!!!!) so I am really going to focus on my health. So yes this is a new start but it is more of a continuation from last year. Every day is a new start!

Dinner tonight was pretty simple, both Justin and I are starting to come down with a cold so I figured we should try and pack in as much nutrients as we can!

We made one of my favourite salads: Beet & chard salad.


  • Chard
  • Red cabbage 
  • Cooked beets (my fave!)
  • Shave up some broccoli stalks
  • Goat or Parmesan cheese
  • Golden raisins 
  • Any light vinegrette you like

Mix it all together an enjoy! It’s fresh, easy and super filling.

I took the inspiration for this salad from a kit I used to buy at the store but I enjoy the process of actually making it from scratch. By actually making it I am more committed to making healthy choices and it’s easy for me to continue on this path.

What’s your favourite go to healthy food?


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