Happy new year! 

I am so excited for this year! There is so much happening and I can not wait to see what this year has in store for me and my family.  I am so glad I got to ring in the new year surround by friends and family. 

This year I will graduate from university, start my own business, plan a wedding & attend weddings for my amazing cousins. We are going to buy a house and possibly move to a new city.

I always make new year resolutions & as I’ve gotten older I’ve become better st sticking with them. A couple years ago I gave up drinking pop and for the most part I have stuck to that. I will have the occasional pop but over a year I can count how many I had on my fingers.

This year I only have a few resolutions but I really want to keep them.

  1. Accept myself for who I am. I find that I compare my life to those I see on social media & I need to stop that. 
  2. Take more time for myself & stress less. When life gets crazy I tend to stress out and it’s a downward spiral. I want to take time for myself and learn to relax. 
  3. Become more organized. I love the idea of organization, HELLO AGENDAS & STORAGE CONTAINERS, but I am not very good at following through. With getting a new house I plan to organize it from the start.

I have a few other goals like lose weight, eat healthier, drink more water but I see those as goals to have every month instead of a resolution to make at the beginning of the year. These are goals I will remind myself to accomplish everyday. 
Cheers to 2017! What resolutions do you have?


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