January favourites 

Goodbye January & Hello February!

Where has this month gone already?! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the new year and now we are waving goodbye to the first. I think of 2017.

I have a few favourites this month and I can’t wait to share them with you, so let’s get started.


My first favourite is the Wrinkle Warrior from Kate Somerville. This is a 2-in-1 plumping moisturizer and Serum designed to combats the signs of aging. I LOVE this stuff. I put it on twice a day and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin already.

Also from Kate Somerville is the Goat Milk moisturizing cleanser. I use this to remove my makeup before I was my fave and it’s so gentle and moisturizing. Repurchasing for sure! 

I have also been loving my Ole Henriksen skincare line. You can read all about the products HERE in an old post. 

Finally I have been loving Skin Labs Miceller cleansing water. I use this after using a makeup removing cloth to make sure all the makeup is off my face. It’s also great to use after a workout as a quick refresher.


I LOVE lipstick! It is easy to apply and can instantly change a look. This month Inhave been loving nudes and darker shades. My top 3 this month have been:

Sepia by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is a dark grey tone brown. Very grungy.

Birthday Suit by Tarte. It is a great standard nude.

Midi by Color Pop is as a great standard nude.

I have gone back to using my ultimate favourite for mascara which is the Too Faced Better Then Sex. If you haven’t tried this mascara yet, do it! Your lashes will never look better!

For highlighters I have been obsessed with my Becca highlight in Moonstone. It’s a nice light gold highlight and I can’t stop putting it all over my face!

Home Decor

I love my day planner and notebooks. They are from Chapters/indigos and I think they are just so cute! The day planner is nice and thin so it fits into both my backpack and purse. I’m using the notebooks for my school notes and I really like that they are nice looking books. I hate carrying ugly notebooks for some reason but I am OBSESSED with these.

Marble is a running theme in my January faves as well as my entire house. It’s just so classic and beautiful looking. I found this clock on clearance at winners and I had to have it. Next step is buying batteries for it.

It may be the middle of winter but I can’t give up my fall time scents. I bought about 5 of these when they were on clearance and I am down to my last two. I love this candle so much, it’s a little sweet, a little spicy. It’s perfect.


One clothing fave this month. This sports bra is from the Victoria Secret Fashion show and it has been my go to bra for working out this month. It’s thin but really supportive & it makes me feel like I’m one step closer to being coming a VS angel. Kidding…. kinda.

That’s all of my January favourites this month! What were you loving in January?


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