YVR: Weekend get away

Hello everyone! Short little break from blogging, February was a CRAZY month for me. School got really busy, I started going to spin classes ( if you have not gone yet, what are you doing with your life?! ), Justin moved to Vancouver which meant I moved downtown.

Now that we are all pretty much settled in our new houses I was able to make a quick little weekend trip will be our brand-new home. It was so nice to get out of Edmonton because it has been freezing here (brrrrrrrr) and I miss seeing my husband to be and my cute puppy.

Seriously. How cute are these 2 boys?! 

Friday I met Justin at his new job which I’m so proud of him for landing this gig and he is so happy to be out there. We didn’t do a whole lot Friday because I was tired from travelling and Justin was tired from work so we can really just hungout at home and reconnected after being apart for a month.

Saturday we got up and did a little bit of househunting which is super fun and exciting for me but it’s also very stressful because we have very big differences in what we look for in a house. Well we didn’t find a house we both loved it was nice to be able to find out what is out and Vancouver and get a better idea of what we’re going to be looking for.

I did find a home I LOVED so I’ll share some photos from that because I just cannot get over it.

Sunday was our “date” day. We spent the morning our on Granville Island wandering up and down the streets looking at crazy original art, smelling fresh flowers, sharing the most AMAZING cheesecake and Cannoli ever! Maple cheesecake?! Umm yes please. Even though it was raining we still sat outside and shared our treats while looking out over False Creek. When in Vancouver, embrace the rain.

It’s not a trip to Granville if you don’t stop for a beer ( or a few ). The tasting room was super busy so we grabbed one of their small batch brews and filled a growler to go. Justin is so excited for his growler because it’s $8 to fill it!! What a deal! I HIGHLY recommend finding a store by you that sells Granville Island beer because it is amazing! A personal favourite.

And that was it for my trip! Just a quick little weekend get away. I missed my boys so much so it was nice to see them, even if it was brief. I cannot wait to move to the coast permently at the end of April.


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