Happy birthday to me! I am official 24 and I could not be happier. I can not wait to see what this year brings me & I will be happy if it is half as good as 23. 

This year is already going to be so amazing. I graduate from University this May. I am moving to Vancouver to start my own business. My fiancé & I are buying a house and we are getting married. 24 is going to be great!

This past year has been so amazing and I have met so many amazing people who mean the world to me. I have made so many new best friends and I am so great full for all of them. They all spoiled me so much this birthday and I can not say thank you enough! 

Melania knows how much a love makeup and she went above and beyond. She got me the Smashbox Cover Shot: Smokey pallet & the Stilla Bright & Bold stay all day liquid lipstick set. I tried all these products today and I am OBSESSED! 

The liquid lipsticks are ultra creamy and have a great vanilla scent. They go on smooth and once dried down they do not budge! They also don’t dry out my lips which is nice. I have the colours: Viola, Lume & Beso.

Beso is a great bright red.

Viola is a super pretty violet colour which I can not wait to wear!

Lume is a kind of plumb magenta colour. One of my favourites!

This pallet is everything! I love that is is so compact & has both neutral and dramatic colours in it; perfect for travel!

The colours are all super pigmented and blend out really well. There isn’t a lot of fall out either which is great! Can’t wait to create looks with this pallet!

I got my birthday gift from Sephora a couple weeks ago & got myself a little something too. I’ve been using these products for a couple weeks and I have some mixed feelings.

The birthday set this year is a Tarte blush is the colour Paaarty& liquid lipstick in the colour Birthday Suit. I LOVE the lipstick and the colour, it’s the perfect nude. I will say it does take a loooong time to dry down but other than that I love it. The blush is a really pretty colour but I find that I have to use a lot of product to have any sort of colour pay off.

My best friend Jesse got me the most gorgeous wool hat. I love that it’s a smaller version of my black floppy hat so I know I am going to get so much use out of it. I can not wait to wear it everywhere!

I bought my self the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which is a life long favourite. I will never not buy this. It makes my lashes so long and full. 

I also picked up their Lip Injection gloss. I am not sure if it ever actually did anything but it’s still a great lip gloss.

So happy I got to spend my birthday with those I love and I am so excited for all the new adventures this year.


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