Christmas & boxing week haul!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, spent a lot of time with friends & family and ate a lot of amazing food. 

My favourite type of YouTube and blogs to watch and read are “what I got for Christmas” because it’s so interesting to see the best stuff people got! I also take a lot of style inspiration from these types of posts. I figured I would share what I got for Christmas as well as what I bought myself during boxing week! 

For Christmas my family was super thoughtful and got me everything I could have wanted.

My brother got me a Becca Cosmetics highlights in moonstone, which I am OBSESSED with.

My sister got me a candle and shower set from Bath & Bodyworks and it smells amazing! It has a super familiar smell, I can’t figure out what it reminds me of, but I love it. She also got me a mean girls inspired travel mug and matching coffee cups for my fiancé and I. She also got me a choker from Forever 21. She knows me too well.

My dad got me an AMAZING bottle of wine and the faux fur rug I’ve been lusting after forever!!

I got a few gift cards from Justin’s family for Christmas so I thought I would treat myself with the boxing week deals.

From Forever 21 I bought a slouchy knit sweater and a lightweight tan jacket. Both of these items are fashion basics I’ve been wanting forever but I have never found ones that I loved. The sweater was $25 and the jacket was $53.

From Bath & Bodyworks I picked up some of my favourite candles while they were on sale. They were $11.50 each!! Score! Pumpkin spice is a great sweet and spicy smell that is perfect for the colder weather. Fireside smells exactly like its name; it’s like sitting beside a fire. Love it.

I stoped at Reitmens and grabbed 2 sweaters and a necklace. The grey sweater is oversized and the perfect amount of slouchy & the black is a sleeveless knit which will be perfect all year. The necklace is a rose gold semi choker style necklace. Everything this was 60% off so each top was around $20 and the necklace was $5.

Justin and I went to Old Navy and I found this cute little black and white striped longsleeved shirt and the bottom has kind of ruffles. It’s a nice basic top to wear when running errands.

I stopped at H&M and bought a scarf that I’m PRETTY sure my best friend has. Oops. It’s just so cute and soft so I had to have it. It was $20.

Oh Aritzia…. you always sucker me in. I’m pretty proud of myself for controlling my spending here, I only grabbed what I “needed”. I bought a bralette / sports bra and a baseball cap. They were both on sale for $25. Gotta stick up for the new year resolutions.

I bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans before Christmas and I am OBSESSED. They have a raw edge in the bottom and are black on the back while denim on the front.

Finally my friend gave me a faux fur vest that I have not taken off since getting it. One of the best gifts I have ever gotten. I have put off buying one for ever because I never found one that I liked but this one is perfect and works so well with every outfit.

What did you guys get for Christmas?? Let me know!! Have a happy new year & we will chat in 2017!!


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