November favourites!

So I may have gone a little crazy with shopping this month because I was already getting into the holiday season festivities and I tried to go buy gifts for my friends and family but because I have no self-control I bought a whole bunch of stuff for myself…. And I’m going to justify it by saying I 100 percent totally absolutely needed it. So I’m going to share with you my November favourites which are some fashion, beauty and some home favourites for the month of November!

Home decor favourites.

This month I have been obsessed with decorating my walls as well as replacing a bunch of my dishes. I had some plastic wine glasses but I felt it was time to upgrade to some nice glass ones and then save the plastic ones for barbeques in the summer that way if they get trapped outside they won’t break. 

I found these super cute wine glasses Champagne glasses and rocks glasses by a company called Queen West trading Co. And safe to say I am totally hooked on this brand and cannot wait to buy more things from them. I found all 3 sets at Winners / Marshalls for $12.99 each.

I have been trying to fill up my living room wall with a very specific style of artwork and I just hadn’t been able to find anything for a long time that mesh well with the other pieces on the wall so when I saw this sign (even though it is supposed to be for Christmas it will be hung your round) it worked so well with everything else I had to pick it up! Winners $20.00

While I have just purchased these candles today they are all candles that I have had in the past and I know that I love them so I picked up Merry cookie, spiced ginger bread and mahogany teakwood from Bath and Bodyworks they are all very fall winter scents  to me So I’m very excited to be burning them in my house right now! Bath&bodyworks $25.00 each

Fashion favourites

While I did not buy the sweater in November, I think I might have bought it back in August to be completely honest with you which is just the wrong season for the sweater, with the weather being colder now I have been wearing it a lot more and I think it might be my favourite sweater of all time. Michael Kors $155.00

I only bought these a week ago but I am so obsessed!!!! I have worn them every single day and I can’t believe that I got them on sale!! Aldo: reg $140.00 paid$70.00

I am Living for chokers and I keep buying them and that is all I can say about it. Most of these are from our deans I think they were three for $15 so super cheap the skinny suede looking one that is just plain I think it’s from Brandy Melville and it was under $10.

Beauty Favourites

So I did a bad thing this month buying new skin care because not only am I addicted it is hella expensive… Sorry wallet.

I purchased the #squadgoal box set from Sephora of Sunday Riley and there is nothing I can say other then I will not use anything else on my face which is unfortunate because that stuff is not cheap. The box set includes four different products and will run you $110. If you’re OK with splurging the full-size version of these will cost you about $500.

I have also been loving the Dr. Brandt DNA or do not age line which again is very pricey and I am sad that Sephora gave me a free sample of it all because if I go and buy the full-size products that is going to cost me another $500. Actually crying because I love it so much.

Yes the stuff is very expensive but I do believe you should invest in a really nice skin care because your skin is extremely important and you need to be careful about what you put on it. Well I always use the stuff it depends if I find something that I like but sometimes it is nice to be able to splurge and treat yo self!!
That is all my favourites for the month! I hope you enjoyed and maybe you got some giftgiving inspiration!!


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