||  Happy Birthday !! ||

Hello again everyone!

So I have been MIA again….. I’m sorry!! January was a crazy month and then I got extremely sick again. I’m actually going back to the hospital in the AM. Nothing too serious so don’t worry!

Any ways, Justin and I travelled to Vancover for 4 days for our birthdays at the end of January. It was an amazing trip!! 

It started off with us boarding the PRIVATE FREAKING JET!!! Like what?!? What a way to kick off being 22. ( I also sang Taylor Swift to myself all day; you know what song )

We left the frozen death area of Edmonton, I drank wine at 3500 feet and we landed in beautiful spring feeling Vancouver!!

I have never actually spent time there so it was amazing to finally adventure around. We went to Granville Island and had lunch at the brewery. Wandered the market and picked up dessert.

Friday my dad and I hopped on the boat and headed to the island to visit friends. We had breakfast at this adorable little restaurant. I wish I could remember what it was called because everything was SOOO good!

Saturday was spend in Whistler ( my favourite placebo earth; my second home ). The snow was awful BUT i got my poutine from Zoggs ( go get some when you’re there you will not regret it!!)

Sunday we went to CHIPOTLE!!!!! Chipotleeee is my liiiiiiife. But seriously tho. Yum!!! We then headed home and real life began again. 

It was the most amazing birthday I could have ever had and I’m glad I got to celebrate it in a city I have Fallin in love with, with the people I love!



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