|| Dinner Time Part 4 ||

Some times you want to eat everything in sight. Chips, candy, chicken wings, chicken wings, and a lot of cheese.
Some times you just want a salad.

Last night I opted for the second option and decided to get creative.
A maple salmon cranberry walnut salad sound good to me!

|| Maple Salmon Cranberry Walnut Salad w/ feta & a balsamic maple dressing ||

Leafy greens of your choice
Maple syrup
Salt & pepper
Feta cheese
Dried cranberries
Balsamic vinegar

Cook your salmon with a little S&P and then drizzle on a little maple.

Assemble your salad by combining your greens, walnuts and cranberries.

To make your dressing combine 2 parts balsamic vinegar to 1 part maple.

Pour into your salad.

Finish by topping with your salmon and feta.

It’s so tasty and all the flavours mix together perfectly!!




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