|| Dinner Time Part 3 ||

Every year my #1 New Years resolution is ” eat healthy and lose weight”.

This year will be the year!! Last year I gave up soda and I can honestly say that over the past year I might have had a can of pop half a dozen times!! Go me!
This year, I figured why not start my New Years resolution a little early so that when it comes time to actually “committing” it’s already a habit.

Any ways, for dinner tonight I decided to work with some flavours I wasn’t 100% sure how they work. In talking curry and coconut milk. With cutting red meat out of my diet it’s a bunch of fish and chicken and chicken works perfect with this dish. If your a vegetarian tofu would also work. Throw in your favourite veggies and boom you have dinner. I served mine over quinoa but you could use rice or pasta.

|| Curry Chicken W/ Quinoa ||

Chicken breast or tofu
Coconut milk ( I used organic )
Curry powder
Spinach or other greens like kale.


Cook you quinoa according to it’s own directions.

In a deep pan cook your chicken. Salt & pepper. Add your curry powder.

Add your coconut milk. Adjust spices to taste.

Add all the veggies except for your greens.

Mix your greens with the quinoa and plate. Top with your curry chicken.

So easy and you can make enough for lunch as well! And trust me you will want to save some for lunch!! I have found that adding a LITTLE brown sugar helps the curry taste and balances the whole dish.




Give it a try!! Let me know what you think!



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