|| Nice To Meet You : Justin Dymond ||

Let’s try something a little different today…

I got the idea to do some sort of questionnaire style blog post on important people in my life. I snagged the idea from Kristina’s blog Humble Adventures. If you haven’t heard of or seen her blog, go check it out! I went to school with Kristina and she is now married and living in Vancouver!! The lucky girl.

Any ways! Today I would like you all to meet my amazing boyfriend Justin. He’s so important to me, he’s my rock. Over the past year I have had a few medical issues and he has been there with me every step of the way. Makes me smile and laugh when in feeling down, pushes me to reach for bigger and better opportunities in life, challenges me to try experiences if normally be to nervous to try on my own. So here we go, it’s nice to meet you Justin!


Justin Dymond / 23 / Internet Sales Specialist

What would be your dream job?
J- A pro rider

What is your Favourite vacation spot?
J- Maui! ( fun fact, Justin and his family go there every year for Christmas!! He’s not going this year )

Where do you want to visit in The world and why?
J- Stelvio Glacier, because snowboarding ( ok I had to google where this is. And yes let’s go )

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who and why?
J- M Shadows, cause he’s fuckin awesome!!

Biggest accomplishment this year?
J- receiving my Redbull sponsorship! ( in so proud of him for this!!! Maybe your dream job could become real one day? )



Fave food?
J- pizza!!!

What were you like as a kid?
J- shit disturber ( still are )

Fave way to spend a day off?
J- riding or relaxing. Depends on the day.

Fave thing we have done during our relationship?
J- Crankworx! ( I agree! Whistler & bikes & all over awesome was so much fun!! )



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