|| Friend Date part1 ||

Happy birthday Jesse!!!

Today my best friend since kindergarten turned 21! She is officially legal all over the world…. Finally. I only had to wait 10 months for her to catch up to me. So Vegas soon? Any ways, this girl is one cool chick. She’s an expert at all things makeup, she can save your life if you need it, and she has hair like a unicorn! So she is basically the coolest of cool, raddest of rad and I’m so glad she’s my friend!!

So we went on a friend date today and we went thrift shoppin ( popped some tags ) had lunch, wandered up and down Whyte Ave and grabbed a coffee. We went and found some old Christmas decorations at Value Village and I have NEVER been so excited over old items. They are so stinking cute and I only paid $20 for the whole lot!!
My tree is now totally decorated! Yay! Let Christmas begin!

For lunch we stopped at Taqueria Tres Carnales for lunch and WOW!! If you are ever downtown, or heck just drive downtown now, and want authentic Mexican cuisine GO HERE NOW! I’m not normally a taco kind of person but these were perfect. The perfect combination of flavours, the perfect serving size and the atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed but upbeat. I will be taking everyone on friend dates here.

For coffee we headed down to whyte ave to Block 1912 to grab a lavender latte. Mmmmmm. My absolute favourite. The best description I’ve ever heard of the flavour came from Jess to day and she described it as ” adorable”.

Once I got home I finished decorating the tree and it’s so perfect. It’s cute and traditional but antique-y and ugh. I love it so much it might stay up all year!!

– H


















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