|| Date Night part2 ||

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!


In the spirit of the holidays and because I’m super lame and can only use one arm, tonight’s date was a stay at home date where we decorated our tree!! I’ve been waiting to do this since Halloween finished!

This has always been my favourite part of the holidays. It just brings everyone together and you create something beautiful….. Well kinda. Some of our old Christmas trees were interesting to say the least.



How cute are those light?! So vintage looking. They twinkle and flicker and just so perfect. But a couple strings of lights is never enough. We had to triple the lights. And add tinsel!!




The decorating doesn’t stop at the tree. We had extra decorations and lights. Ta da!! A festive window!


Our house is so festive now!! I love it so much! Tomorrow I’m off to find more decorations for the tree and then I will finish decorating the living room!


Also!!! For all you non-dairy drinkers out there, I have the answer to the horrible decision of NOT drinking eggnog or hating your self for drinking it.


Almond milk eggnog!! It’s so refreshing but still offers that awesome eggnog taste!! 10/10 do recommend!!

Have you started to decorate yet?? What’s your favourite holiday tradition??



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