|| Date Night part1 ||

Last Friday Justin and I headed off to his works Christmas party.

Hold up!! A Christmas party in the middle of November?! Do people know when Christmas is?!

I agree it seemed a little early, didn’t quite have that ‘ Christmassy ‘ feel to it but it was a great social gathering!

Dinner was amazing, buffet style with loads of salad, veggies, and the most delicious beef I’ve had in a long time.
As all work Christmas parties go, there is always some sort of giveaway or draw.
This year they had envelopes of cash and prizes ranging from $50 – $400 and there was an iPad as well!
If your name was drawn you’d go up pick an envelope and the MC would make you a deal. Sell your pick for some cash and hope you walk away positive or trade envelopes with someone, ect.

Our name was not drawn. Boo no cash price for us.

Then there was the final draw.

One round trip to Vancouver – your choice of dates – 4 days/3nights. Hotel paid for. You’re given a car. Oh and did I mention how you get there??


Ummmm yes please!!!

Sitting waiting for them to announce the winner was torture!! But guess who had some luck on their side!!

I’ve never been so shocked and amazed and words don’t even exist how surprised I was when they called Justin’s name!!
After that we talked with friends and then headed home, giggling the whole way about our trip. We’ve decided to go in January, hopefully close to our birthdays.








My outfit for the night:
Dress: Armani exchange
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: American eagle

Ladies. If you want killer eyelashes go buy ” BEST IN FAUX” by Tarte and ” BETTER THEN SEX” by Two Face. Amazing!!!



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