Fun fact!

Did you guys know what I am an Olympic silver medalist?


Okay okay…. It might not be MY medal but I did get to check – hold / see an Olympic medal – off my bucket list!!

Over the weekend we had Mike Riddle come into the store and have a meet and greet with everyone!!

Let me be the first to say WOW!! What a sweet, down to earth, rad dude Mike is! People were instantly drawn to him ( whether they knew who he was or not: there were a couple of awkward moments ). He is a super welcoming dude and made even the shyest of guests open up.

Being able to sit up at the table all day and watch these interactions were a real treat. It was so heartwarming hearing the stories people shared.
One woman shared about how she knew this little girl, 9 years old, who had watched Mike and his friends compete in the Olympics and has decided THAT is her goal. I can almost guarantee that this little girl can shred harder then me. She is on the hill everyday and will do anything to make it to that level.

With Mike being a local boy, he grew up on the hills many kids here ride everyday. This one kid came in and shared how he just joined the freestyle team at the Edmonton ski club and you should have seen his eyes light up when Mike told him that’s where he got his start!!

One little boy just wanted to keep the medal. ” so…… I can take this home?”
Don’t kids say the darnedest things?!

Overall it’s was such an honour to meet Mike and I can’t wait for our next event at the store. We wish him all the best with what ever the future holds in store for him!!




Ps. The medal was SUPER heavy!! Basically a work out to lift it!!

– H


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