|| Homemade part 1 ||

I finally had two days off in a row, mostly due to doctor appointments, but I was done before noon each day so this weekend became arts & crafts weekend!!

The weather has become frozen and for what ever unknown reason I don’t own a single throw blanket for my couch!! In case you were unaware most blankets are expensive as hell!! Why part a lot of money for something I can make?!?

I took to Pinterest and found THESE instructions, went to the store and grabbed some yarn and started arm knitting!!

So easy so fast!






Took just over an hour to finish. It’s super soft and cozy.

If anyone wants one for Christmas, hit me up!!!
With that being so fast I had time to make another craft.

I saw this on the urban outfitters website and NOPE not paying for that. With Christmas coming up it’s the perfect centre piece and casts a beautiful soft flow around my living room.


I love lazy days!!



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