|| Treating Myself ||

Busy day for myself today. Multiple doctor appointments and of course they aren’t close together. To kill off some ALOT of time I decided to check out cafe haven for a quick breakfast and coffee.

If I still lived in Sherwood Park I could see myself spending quite some time here!



It’s quiet it’s quaint it’s cozy it’s hipster…. I can’t believe I just described something using the word ‘hipster’.

The coffee was rich and smooth. I can only drink decaf due to health reason and it was amazing!! Most decaf to me tastes like….. Bad coffee is the nicest way to word it.
My breakfast wrap was simple. Delicious but simple. It was something that I could and would make at home. So tasty.


And how cute are these salt and pepper shakers!!!!! I just want to take them home with me!

If your in Sherwood Park stop on by and grab a bite!! They serve breakfast & lunch. The drinks are warm, cozy and delicious. Totally worth visiting!!


– H


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