It’s the little things

I was at yoga once again tonight doing a double class ( 6pm 60min got yoga followed by 730 75min hot yin yoga).

Yesterday I left my wallet in the boyfriends car and due to my classes being so close I couldn’t go to the gym to grab it from him. He dropped it off at the studio for me, but my class had started by the time he got there. I was a little upset I missed him because I wanted to thank him in person for dropping it off. I mean it wasn’t really out of his way, yoga studio and the gym and literally a block apart, but still!

Anyways, that’s the back story, now for what I REALLY wanted to talk about.

I started my day by not having a wallet ( instant freak out) and then went to work. My father picked me up because without him I would never make it to my first class. We drove 50km in rush hour traffic. What is normally a 20-25min drive became 45. I’m panicked because I don’t want to miss class or there not be room. Made it on time, barely.

My first class went great, sweat a lot and felt wonderful after. Took a quick breather and then headed into the hot yin class.

Yin is TOTALLY different then another yoga I’ve tried. You never truly leave the mat ( no standing poses) it’s all very slow and everything is held much longer. Loved it tho! It gave a wonderful deep stretch.

As we were finishing our teacher was telling us to really soak in and embrace what we just did in class. He wanted us to know that progress happens, often slowly but it’s there. He wanted us to forget all the stress we had in the day and to know that we are loved and to care for ourselves and feel good about what we have done today.

I left class and the moment I touched my cell phone, a text from my boyfriend shows up and all it said was ” I love you.”

We hadn’t really talked all day due to work and me being in yoga so it was a really nice surprise and it just worked so well with what I had just heard. It’s super mushy and lovey-dovey but I definitely felt the love from him even though he was far away.

It’s the little things…..



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